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Serial ATA Test Fixtures

Our TF-SATA test fixtures facilitate Serial ATA compliance testing when used with Tektronix DPO/DSA70804 or similar digital oscilloscopes; P7380SMA, P7313SMA or similar probes; and the Tektronix Serial ATA Test Utility software. Note that these test fixtures can also readily be used with other manufacturers' oscilloscopes and probes.

As described in the TF-SATA datasheet (PDF file, less than 2 MB), the following products are available, supporting 1.5 Gb/s, 3 Gb/s and 6 Gb/s datarates (except as noted):

  • TF-SATA-NE-XP near-end test fixture, plugs into the host or device Serial ATA connector in place of the Serial ATA cable (a lower cost/performance unit, not recommended for 6 Gb/s use) (click for silkscreen-mislabeling information)

  • TF-SATA-IS-XP in-system test fixture, facilitates in-system signal monitoring (click for silkscreen-mislabeling information)

  • TF-SATA-NE-ZP higher-performance version of the TF-SATA-NE-XP (click for silkscreen-mislabeling information)

  • TF-SATA-FE-ZP far-end test fixture, connects to the far end of the host or device Serial ATA cable (click for silkscreen-mislabeling information)

  • TF-SATA-FEPD-ZP laptop power-data test fixture, connects to the Serial ATA laptop host

  • TF-eSATA-NE-ZP External-SATA version of the TF-SATA-NE-ZP (click for silkscreen-mislabeling information)

  • TF-eSATA-FE-ZP External-SATA version of the TF-SATA-FE-ZP (click for silkscreen-mislabeling information)

  • TF-eSATA-IS-ZP External-SATA version of the TF-SATA-IS-XP (click for silkscreen-mislabeling information)

Please contact us for product pricing and availability information. If you are located outside of North America, please contact an overseas distributor on our contact page.

Crescent Heart Software has been a member of the Serial ATA 1.0 and Serial ATA II Working Groups.

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