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ATM-1 Trigger Module

Our ATM-1 Automotive Trigger Module monitors automotive serial buses, producing an output trigger for oscilloscope capture of bus waveforms. The ATM-1 works with Tektronix® DPO7000 and DPO/DSA70000 oscilloscopes having Tektronix® TDSVNM bus analysis software, to probe high-speed CAN, fault-tolerant CAN, single-wire CAN and LIN bus systems.

The ATM-1 also supports optional connection to a Tektronix TLA5xxx/6xx/7xx/7xxx logic analyzer, allowing CAN bus analysis to be performed without use of an oscilloscope if desired. Further information regarding ATM-1 use with a logic analyzer can be found in the Logic Analyzer Probing Support Products area of the website here.

Additional ATM-1 product information is provided in the ATM-1 datasheet (PDF file, less than 1 MB).

Download the ATM-1 Users' Manual here (Version 2.000; ZIP file, less than 5 MB).

Download ATM-1 USB driver files here (ZIP file, less than 1 MB).

Download the ATM-1 LIN Trigger application here (Version 1.0; ZIP file, less than 1 MB).

Download the ATM-1 Test application here (Version 1.3; ZIP file, less than 1 MB).

Download the ATM-1 Firmware Download application here (Version 1.0; ZIP file, less than 1 MB). Note that the module must have firmware Version 1.1 (or later) already installed in order to be able to perform in-the-field firmware updating using the Firmware Download application.

Download ATM-1 firmware Version 2.0 here (less than 4 MB). Note that this is the initial version of firmware to provide support for both CAN and LIN triggering.

Note that a single firmware file now works for both ATM-1 and ATM-1-GI units.

Download datasheets for the ATM-1 bus transceivers here (ZIP file, less than 1 MB).

View EU Declarations relating to the ATM-1 (also present in the ATM-1 Users' Manual) here (PDF file, less than 1 MB).

Please contact us for product pricing and availability information, or contact your local Tektronix distributor. If you are located outside of North America, please contact an overseas distributor on our contact page, or be in touch with your local Tektronix distributor or sales office.

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